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Flawed Insticnt I

It’s about match and difference – not really about this – it’s about viewpoint and opinion. It’s the way I share emotion with her and with her only. Let me write something about her – and her playful cute smile. 😊

I know most of secrets about her personally as well as you not emotionally – or you may say that I know her just as I’ve learned about her so far.

The truth is, I know by now, to expect anything from her. Yet she continues to surprise and fascinate me. She is a living example of female power, blended with undeniable charm. She glides through life as if she is floating on a cloud of cotton candy. Like a sunflower, her smile lights up the natural beauty of her face. She was born to give love, which means she will always be loved – and I’m having the special love for her in my heart.

Quietly she rebels against nothing. She has a gift for seeing things as they really are. Opposing forces have no power over her. She has the true riches of life. My beautiful ‘love’ – she - understand the importance of taking time to explore and stay connected with her loved ones. I’m thankful to her and the amazing almighty that I’ve found the gems of my life in one.

She has had many high moments of spontaneous joy and wonder. In fact, I believe that her open nature gives her the ability to laugh during orgasm or cry during a sunset. I want to kiss her in the fairy sun dawn of my love + friendship and hug her so tightly that she can’t go even by her own will. I’m not that comfortable to unleash my deep feelings about her – that’s why I’m not doing well these day anything for her.

Pure sensual energy twinkles around her like fairy dust. If they named a perfume after her, they could call it “Innocence.” WHY? Because she exudes the purest essence of compelling innocence and sensuality of all the Sensual souls. Subtle, yet powerful. She does not have to act out, in order to stand out, she likes to learn new things – and I have many things in my mind that she may want to learn. 😊

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