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We Were Us

(All started after a small argument, and it started as if that never happened!)

She: Hello Dear!

He: Hi Love.

She: What's up ... What's happening?

He: You know it, nothing, Stupid Ding.

She: I'm not stupid, you fool.

(He knew, she wasn't in a good mood, he kissed her hands & replied)

He: Awww, yeah then we both are stupids.

She: Yes, now it's fine. Huh.


He: What was in your dinner today?

She: It was your "brain". Lol.

Me: How was that, salty or fine!

She: No, but It was very hot, like some syrup wine.

Me: Ohh, Can't be that hot, but you ate it - so ... it might be.


(She paused for a while, and smiled to show her teeth.)

She: Umm ... Choose only one - Teeth or Smile.

He: Smile

She: Eyes or Eyeballs.

He: Both are same!

She: No ... Eye is whole socket! and eyeballs are just eyeballs.

He: Then Eyes.

He: Trust or Reality.

She: Trust.

She: Heart or Life.

He: Heart.

He: Me or You.

She: You & Me - Us.

He: Awww ...

(He smiled, and waited for her expected kiss on forehead, it was love, ofcourse.)

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